Ronaldo of Real Madrid

Ronaldo scores AGAIN!! (Photo by peacecup)

Reports have it that even though Neymar does not want to join Real Madrid just now (he said he wanted to move to Real Madrid in the year 2012), Perez is not about to bow out of this deal. Perez is trying desperately to land Neymar and loosen Santos’s grip on their starlet.

Reports have it Perez is going to use Ronaldo (the old Ronaldo) to lure Neymar away from Santos. Santos’s president has already warned Real Madrid about their bad attitude towards this deal but Perez is not about to give up that easy.

If you guys did not know already, Ronaldo is in charge of Neymar’s marketing interests and Ronaldo has already been summoned by Perez to put pressure on Santos to let Neymar go.

In other news, MourinhoisfinallyhappywithBenzema’sattitude towards football and his improvement over the last year or so. Benzema is finally starting to show the form and potential which earned him a move of 40 million euros to Real Madrid from Lyon and Mourinho is set to benefit from the Frenchman’s exploits.

Benzema was rumored to be on the verge of leaving Real Madrid with the like of Aguero being linked to Real Madrid. Mourinho saidit