Ronaldo, a Real Madrid player
Ronaldo trying to get away (Photo by Jan Solo)

The fifa player of the year is coming up in August and last 3 nominees were announced just yesterday. Xavi, Ronaldo and Messi are the top 3 players this time around with the winner yet to be announced.

Last year Messi won the prize. This year, I think it will be Messi again. The guy scored over 50 goals, won Barcelona the Champions League single handedly and also won them the La Liga title. There is just no other player who is nearly as effective as Lionel Messi for Barcelona.

Though it has to be said that he absolutely sucked for Argentina in the recent Copa America.

In other news, despite what Pique said, Oezil says that Real Madrid will enter next season with the intention of winning everything. Oezil also said that he wants Kaka to stay at Real Madrid (which is certain now) and help the team fight back against Barcelona’s dominance.

Real Madrid will play Barcelona on August 14 for the Supercopa title in a two legged clash.