cost 10 million euros to Real Madrid last season and the reports say that 8 million euros would be enough for Real Madrid to part with their winger who is no longer wanted at Real Madrid. Word is, he would be loaned back to Getafe with the option of having a buy back option at the end of the season for 8 million euros.

And yet another player whose future is a bit in question is Gago. Gago is reportedly set to join Boca Juniorswherehehadspent a decade before coming to Real Madrid for 20.4 million euros.

Reports say, Gago’s injury has cost him his place in the Real Madrid starting line up. To some extent that is true but I think the arrival of Khedira and Alonso always meant that Gago’s place in the starting line up would come under question.

Now, there is no way back for him in the starting line up. There are just too many options for Jose Mourinho. Because he is the sort of a person who does not like to take too many risks. This season Real Madrid has to win the Champions League and hence there is no way Mourinho is going to take any sort of risks by playing Gago in big matches. Gago is just not built for those kind of games, he chokes a bit too soon every time.

That wraps up the news for today, obviously there is going to be more tomorrow. Let me know your thoughts on the situation of Kaka with Brazil. I think Kaka should just retire for the treatment he has received these past months.