Kaka, A Real Madrid Player

Kaka Gets Some Pace(Photo By throwinrocks)

Kaka has been unable to get into the Brazillian national side for quite a long time and now the current coach has explained the reason for it. Coach Menez has said that he is looking to change the direction in which Brazil is going and that means he would be utilizing different kinds of players in order to support his national side.

Well, I can tell you that Kaka’s form is equal to anyone of these players potential. That is the kind of class Kaka possesses. Can’t think of a reason why Menez would not want Kaka at least in the squad if not the first team. I mean, Kaka is one of the best play maker in the world and he is hungry,humble and ready to work for the team, what more could you want from a world class player.

The coach says, Brazil is going through a transition stage and that he is looking for reliable players who can help the team indifficulttimes.Whatis that supposed to mean. Kaka is every bit as reliable as any of these young kids who cannot really perform at big stages. Look at what happened to Brazil just a week ago, utter humiliation.

Anyway, enough of Kaka, another Real Madrid player having trouble in getting some playing time is Pedro Leon. The guy came to Real Madrid like a season ago, had a bust up with Mourinho and since then has been warming the bench. Not even the bench because Mourinho has not evenconsideredhimtotravelwiththesquadonmostoccasions.