Real Madrid has already formed, is young but they still have experience in top flight football. So the problem of the squad being too young would not cause too much problems, though he did not rule out the possibility of players having problems in tough away matches without any experience on the outfield.

Even though every other Real Madrid player is talking about winning things this season with Jose Mourinho. Real Madrid assistant coach Karanka thinks that it isnotanobsessionto win Champions League this season. Karanka says that it is important to win titles this year as Real Madrid have invested a lot of money in this project but it is not a must.

Well, Karanka brother. I think it is absolutely imperative that Real Madrid win something big this season otherwise him along with Mourinho will be axed in more ways than one.

Real Madrid’s hope of winning anything major is being consistently crushed by Barcelona. Last year we lost two titles to Barcelona and Barcelona alone. Meaning that if it was not for Barcelona, Real Madrid would have been the reigning European and Spanish Champions.

And how can I ever dare to end a post without mentioning Barcelona in the end. Former coach Pelligrini has said that Real Madrid are not better than Barcelona. Barcelona is the best club team at the moment. Well, I don’t know about that, I think if referee was anywhere near ph 7 in last season’s Champions League semi final, Real Madrid would have made it to the final where they would have obliterated Manchester United.