Kaka, a Real Madrid player
(Photo By Jan Solo)

Good news. Kaka is wanted by Mourinho. Repeat, Kaka is wanted by Mourinho. Such a relieving news this is. I mean, I had given up hope on Kaka staying at Real Madrid. I think in the end Kaka’s honesty and devotion to Real Madrid probably saved his career at Real Madrid.

Mourinho generally considers commitment and attitude as qualities more important than skill and class. Kaka has said that he never planned on leaving Real Madrid and the chat with Mourinho has given him the impression that Mourinho wants him at Real Madrid.

We all know how Kaka has suffered in his two years at Real Madrid because of injuries but he was still wanted by two Italian clubs, you know who they are. I am glad he has decided to stay at Real Madrid. I think situations like these has given Kaka some confidence in his game. He looked good again Chivas and again played really well against Philadelphia.

Another someone who is really happy with Mourinho at Real Madrid is Zidane. Zidane has said that Real Madrid needed a coach like Mourinho. Because Mourinho knowshowtowinthings, he is good at man management and is very knowledgeable about football.

Zidane also hailed the signings made by Mourinho and said he is taking Real Madrid in the right direction.

Another player who is happy with Real Madrid making young new signings is Casillas. Casillas thinks that this squad is relatively very young and can play top level football for at least 3 or 4 years. I think if this squad is committed enough, there is at least 6 to 7 years left in these players including Kaka and Casillas.