Madrid C.F directorate, who met on Thursday, has approved the new organizational structure which includes a unique general director in Jose Angel Sanchez, Manuel Redondo will be responsible for the chairman’s office, and Jose Mourinho has been nominated as manager of sport for football.”

Inothernews,Neymartransfer saga continues to, well you know, continue. Now Neymar and his agent say that Neymar wants to stay at Santos till summer of 2012. That is a full season away. Real Madrid are ready to pay up for Neymar but Neymar says he wants to spend more time here.

Let see what develops of this Neymar saga. Every season its the same. I think Real Madrid should sign him next year. By then he would be more mature physically and mentally. Right now, he needs to discipline himself and prove some people wrong who say that Neymar is not cut for elite football in Europe.