Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho
Real Madrid give Mourinho some more power (Photo By Paulbence)

Jose Mourinho is now the manager of sports at Real Madrid. After Perez kicked out Valdano a few months ago, Perez has finally decided to change things at Real Madrid. Before Mourinho, Perez also appointed Zidane as the sporting director of football at Real Madrid.

I hope Mourinho can remain with Real Madrid for a long time, like Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Ferguson also went seasons without winning anything major, Manchester United did not sack him and were patient with him. I think Real Madrid needs to learn somethingfromManchesterUnitedas now Ferguson at Manchester United has done everything and continues to get to important stages of any tournament that they enter.

This new privilege of Mourinho allows him to have more say on transfers and technical areas of the club. Here is the official statement: