Ronaldo, a real madrid player

Ronaldo gets his first goal of the season(Photo By vector portal)

Real Madrid have won their first match of the season albeit a friendly one, by 4-1. Good news is that 4 goals were scored by 4 different players and two of them were Real Madrid top guns in Ronaldo and Benzema. The other two were two young castilla players who have just been promoted to the senior Real Madrid team.

More good news is that Kaka got some minutes and made an assist as well. Mourinho looked pretty pleased with the way Real Madrid played this match and got the win. Mourinho though did say that he did not care about the win, all he wanted to achieve was some team chemistry.

Real Madrid players ran like bulls last night and as Ronaldo said the other day, it was all down to the tough training Mourinho is having them on. Mourinho also remarked about Coentrao’s fine debut with the winger also getting an assist with the Benzema headed goal.

Beckham must have been disappointed to see his former team Real Madrid beat the heck out of his current team LA Galaxy but then again, what else did anyone expect. I mean,RealMadridspendlike millions and millions each year to have a start studded squad. There are not many teams who stand a chance of winning against this Real Madrid team playing at their full potential.

Cristiano Ronaldo also remarked about his goal and said that it was an ok goal. I am sure most of you have seen the goal and it was anything but ok. It was awesome. Ronaldo said that the result of the team mattered more to him than his goals.

Jose Callejon also got on the score sheet though with some luck as his shot was clearly deflected by David Beckham which sent the ball into