next season, there is going to be a change.

A huge change. And you Alonso, along with Mourinho will be the first ones shipped out to Liverpool and Manchester United respectively.

And as goes the customs, after every interview, the player has to praise another teammate. Alonso kept this tradition up by praising Coentrao andhisverstality.

Hereiswhat he said (source

“It is always about improving and making progress. This is the second year of the project and that gives us continuity,” he said at a press conference.

“We know each other better, the idea is there, now we just have to improve. We do not have to be obsessed, the best thing is that titles come naturally.”

About Coentrao he said:

“He has made a very good impression, we knew he could bring a lot of good things,” Alonso noted.

“He is a very complete player, he has a very good working pace. He can occupy several positions and that influenced his signing, so the impression is very good.”