(Photo by americanistachiapas)

All is good for Real Madrid for the moment. Iker Casillas has stated that Real Madrid produce the best goalkeepers in the world through its fantastic youth academy stuff. The proof you say? is Casillas himself.

Along with that, Mourinho also seems to be very happy to have Casillas on his side. Casillas has been a talisman for Real Madrid, for I don’t know, like 8 years and he is still 30. Which means that he is in his prime now. Hope to see some good football from in the very near future.

Here is what Casillas said:
I’m very happy because all four goalkeepers on the squad come from our academy and I’ve alwayssaidthat’swherethe best keepers come from. They all have promising futures and I’m delighted people have faith in such young players,” he said on the club’s official website.

“We have a very young team that is coming together, and that has to make the club very happy.”

And finally it is all making sense now why Adebayor wants to come to Real Madrid so