next season. He also praised Mourinho and said that Real Madrid is the right club for him and he is the right coach for Real Madrid. In other words, a match made in heaven. I am going to agree with that.

Ramos also commented on Zidane’s new position at Real Madrid. He thinks Zidane can bring a lot to the table because he himself was a wonderful player of football.

Here is what Sergio Ramos said in his interview:

“We are very excited about starting a new season and we are anxious to correct the mistakes we made last year. We only think about preparing ourselves and doing our best both collectively and individually,” Ramos said on the club’s official website.

“Mourinho is serious and demanding. The team needs aleadertohandleeverything with rules and constant stability. Mourinho is the ideal man for that job and we are delighted about it.”

In other news, Adebayor has again reasserted his desire to come back to Real Madrid after his brief stint at Real Madrid last season. Adebayor impressed everyone with his cohesion with other teammates and his physical presence was also felt by the opposition. One thing that did count against him was his quality in scoring goals. Sometimes he missed some sitters which Real Madrid cannot afford as long as Barcelona are in their purple patch.

Mourinho did say in his interview couple of days ago that Adebayor is the closest to joining Real Madrid instead of Neymar or Aguero.

Another happy chap is Pepe. Having also penned a new deal at Real Madrid, he advised to all Real Madrid people that having Kaka in any team would increase the likelihood of winning trophies. Pepe thinks that it is really tough for a player to go through so many injuries at once and be out of the game for so long.

However, he also thinks that Kaka is a world class player who still can give a lot to Real Madrid. In other words, Kaka is far from finished.

Pepe also thinks that he expects Kaka to be with him at Real Madrid when the new season starts. Recently, kaka was linked to Inter Milan as the former AC Milan man could not perform for Real Madrid since signing for Real Madrid 2 years ago. That was partly because of the injuries he had.

Pepe also had kind words for Mourinho as he helped Pepe a lot in getting an improved deal at Real Madrid.