Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos

Ramos being the wise one now (Photo by Jan Solo)

Sergio Ramos and Pepe have signed new deals at Real Madrid and are now in a pretty good mood. Now they are trying to act as the voice of wisdom for other Real Madrid players. Whereas, just two weeks ago, both of these players futures were in doubt and Ramos in particular made some ridiculous statements (according to what the popular media posted).

Two weeks ago you might have heard that Maria was asking for an improved from Real Madrid as he thought he had a fantastic season for Real Madrid last season and I agree, Maria was one of our best players on the pitch in terms of performance. I think he is a future great for sure.

Well, Sergio Ramos now has said that Maria needs to concentrate on football rather than on his contract situation. Maria’s comments about him expecting Real Madrid to offer him an improved contract did not go down well at Real Madrid and speculation aroused as Chelsea and Manchester United were tipped to sign the young speedy winger.

Sergio Ramos got his peace of mind just few days ago and has told Maria to remain calm and perform on the pitch with consistency and that will automatically get him an improved deal. No need to worry about that, when you are playing for Real Madrid, said Ramos.

And as the customs go, Ramos had some nice things to say about news signings Varane and Coentrao.

Talking about new signings, Nuri Sahin has injured himself during a training session and that meanshewillmiss3 weeks of football at least. I don’t know what is it with Real Madrid. New arrivals always end up injuring themselves even before the start of the season.

I am confused on this. Is it that Real Madrid have an incompetent medical squad or it is that new arrivals try very hard to prove themselves to the coach and to Real Madrid and hence end up injuring themselves. Whatever the case, this is definitely something that Real Madrid needs to work on. We cannot let players like Kaka and Sahin to get injured without playing a single game and then get offloaded at the end of the season.

Coming back to Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos made another interview in which he said that Real Madrid have a very strong squad now and are eager to erase last year’s mistakes. Ramossaidthathecouldnotwaitforthestartofthe