Mesut Oezil, a Real Madrid player

(Photo By stadt_gelsenkirchen)

Lets cut to the chase here, Oezil has kicked his agent out. The reason for that is, Oezil wants his father to manage him, not someone who isn’t even remotely related to him. Whatever the logic, this is what he has done and now its family business. Oezil’s matters are in his dads hands.

Did I mention his fathers name is Mustafa. Not that it was related or anything, but a little side info is never bad. After all, you must have fillers too rather than just pure content.

Oezil’s dad is not even qualified for the position of an agent but FIFA has rules about allowing people to manage their own kin without any qualification or experience. Lets see how this turns out, what is important now is that Oezil is a part of Mourinho’s plans and thankfully, the media is not tipping Oezil to move away from Real Madrid.

That may come as a surprise to some of you as the media has already put Ronaldo, Pepe, Kaka, Ramos, Marcelo, Alonso, Benzema, Higuain and Casillas on the list of people who could leave Real Madrid, which is obviously insane.

Talking about Real Madrid players having uncertain future, Canales is being chased by a host of clubs and Valencia have emerged as a new pursuer. Canales is set to leave Real Madrid as Canales was left out of the 25 man squad Mourinho chose for the tour of USA.

Another player who is certain to leave Real Madrid is Drenthe. Reports have said that Benfica are in pole position forhissignatureasthey have quite a lot of money, now that they have ripped Real Madrid by selling a player of Coentrao’s caliber for 30 million. That is a heck a lot when you consider that Arsenal are prepared to offload Fabregas for 40 million euros.

Drenthe is being lined up by Benfica, Real Madrid are ready to give him up for somewhere near 4 million euros. Which is a cheap deal. In fact, I am going to change what I just said, it is not a cheap deal. It is a great deal for Real Madrid, Drenthe’s technique on the ball is almost as good as mine, I can tell you that.

Since Kaka has been removed from the limelight (for now) of the media, Pepe has been touted as someone who can leave Real Madrid. He was probably the find of the season for Real Madrid and JoseMourinholastseasonbutdespitegivingawesomeperformancesagainstBarcelonain