Real Madrid attacker Higuain

Real Madrid are now looking to sell (Photo by Jan Solo)

Ok, so my prediction is finally coming true. Just a little true but true nevertheless. You can also say that it was kind of obvious but now reports have it that Real Madrid are now looking to sell players.

But the players Real Madrid want to sell are not the players I want Real Madrid to sell. Reports have it that Real Madrid are now looking to sell Karim Benzema and Higuain. Some reports say that one of the two will leave for sure. Real Madrid are now targeting Carlos Tevez who plays for Manchester City (for those who did not know).

Real Madrid are also after Pastore and Aguero. Both are very young and both are very very expensive. Don’t know why Mourinho wants to buy two new attackers, young attackers buy selling two young attackers. I don’t know but Aguero and Benzema are pretty close to each other as far as their level of play goes.

Pastore and Higuain, hmmm, you are going to have to bend my arm in order to choose between the two. Even then I would choose Higuain. As he is settled in Spain now, he knows the game here and plus, he will cost usnothingwhilePastorewill be new, we don’t know how will he perform in a tough league and obviously, will cost a lot of money.

But this Tevez move is not ideal either. I mean, if reports are to be believed, Real Madrid are ready to offer 28 million pounds plus Benzema or Higuain for Tevez. What? are you kidding me. Seriously, Tevez is good but not Benzema or Higuain cash plus player good.

But I think it makes more sense when you consider that Mourinho does not see Benzema as a player who he can trust on. Benzema is too fragile mentally. Mourinho likes Aguero but his signing is difficult as AtleticoMadriddonotwanttoselltoRealMadrid.Tevezis