Former Real Madrid player Zidane

New Sporting Director (Photo by Abdallahh)

Zidane is here. He is officially Real Madrid’s sporting director. Zidane played for Real Madrid for like 6 years and during time we won a lot of titles and he was the driving force behind them. His last year with Real Madrid are a player was disappointing because the club was in such a turmoil but now he is back.

Zidane says that Mourinho influenced this decision a lot and he is happy that he will be working with first team matters now.

Zidane was brought in by Perez as a special advisor but now has a new position that is of a sporting director. He already has some working experience with Real Madrid as reports say that Zidane was a huge factor is Varane signing. A young 18 year old center back.

Zidane also has compared Neymar with Robinho and says that there is no problem if Barcelona are also interested in the player though the player himself as said that he would like to join Real Madrid and not Barcelona.

In fact, news just came in that Real Madrid have agreedthefeeforNeymar with Santos and now, only the player’s demands are being finalized. Ideally, Neymar would move to Real Madrid in January after the Club World Cup as Neymar says he wants to be the world champion with Santos.

I don’t know if Real Madrid would agree on allowing Neymar to stay till January at Santos but we will see what develops. Real Madrid are now in full gear and have signed a total of five players now with two more expected within the next month. Pastore and Aguero are also being linked.

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