hope he honors it. He will be competing with Marcelo (at least that is something the popular media believes) for a place in the left back position. Tough ask for any player. Marcelo had a fabulous season last season with Real Madrid while playing as a left back.

Coentrao has also expressed his satisfaction in joining Real Madrid and working under the best coach in the world (OFFICIALLY) that is Jose Mourinho.

Real Madrid have now signed five players since the end of last season and not one of them has been a high profile, shirt selling, sponsor bringing name. Perez is expecting something big, something huge from Mourinho next season and now I am sure that if Mourinho fails to win the Champions League next season, he is going out.

And when there is talk about Real Madrid, Barcelona are never farbehindtosnatchsome limelight from NEO GALACTICOS. Iniesta is the latest player from Barcelona who has had a dig at Real Madrid and it’s current manager Jose Mourinho.

Iniesta thinks that Mourinho crossed the lines far too many times last season against Barcelona and that is something that needs to be looked into.

This obviously is referring to the numerous favors Barcelona got in last season’s El Clasicos and Mourinho claimed that UEFA was helping Barcelona in more ways than one (simply put, UEFA wanted Barcelona to win some more trophies) and then Mourinho also questioned Barcelona’s relationships with UNICEF.

This is that Iniesta said:
“Everybody has the freedom to do with his team whatever he wants. What Mourinho does with Real Madrid is not our business. However, certain things are simply not done and he crossed the line,” Iniesta said to La Sexta.

“The truth is that there were a number of very uncomfortable moments and the lines of sportsmanship were crossed more than once.”

My message to all Barcelona players is that for goodness sake, get on with your lives. If your life is boring enough already then don’t spoil it for others too. The season is over and so are the bad decisions made in favor of Barcelona. No need to bad mouth each other anymore. It serves no purpose.

Real Madrid might have had some luck too sometimes against lesser teams. Barcelona had it a lot against Real Madrid and that of course cannot go unnoticed as Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the biggest clubs in Europe and probably the world too.

What do you guys think? Should Real Madrid respond back to Barcelona in someway or you thinks dogs are always dogs.