Real Madrid player Pepe

Pepe is wanted by other clubs (Photo By Jan Solo)

There are many ways Mourinho is changing Real Madrid. The 3 ways he is changing Real Madrid now are as follows. To some these may be a bit too obvious, but it never hurts to state the obvious, one more time. So here we go:

  • Mourinho is planning to take Casillas’s captains arm band and giving it to someone else.

Preferably an outfielder. That is something he has done in his all previous teams. Terry at Chelsea, Zanetti at Inter and now someone other than Casillas at Real Madrid. According to reports, this is will make Real Madrid a bit stronger on the field when it comes to talking to the referee as Casillas is always far too away from the action.

Casillas will still be in charge of other affairs that a captain normally handles like negotiating bonuses and such. The only thing he would be stripped off would be his armband on the pitch. I think Mourinho, in all likelihood, will give it to Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a leader on the pitch when it comes to picking up a team and performing well (though not so well against the Eliteclubs)andmostof all, he is big and powerful.

He is an outfielder too, so he is the perfect candidate for captaining Real Madrid. Though it has to be said that Mourinho should show a bit more respect to Casillas by giving him a chance to improve his communications while on the field. One could legitimately say that Casillas has captained Spain both at the world cup and in the Euros and they did pretty well at those tournaments didn’t they?

Some may see this as a move only to beat Barcelona. Ofcourse, everything Real Madrid are doing right now is to overtake Barcelona. ThereisnootherteamthatcanmatchRealMadrid