Former Real Madrid player Zidane

Zidane turning (Photo By brian pillon)

Former Real Madrid player Zidane has said that there are many reasons why Barcelona are having such a dominant time in European football. He says that the main reason why Barcelona are dominating so much is because they have players like Xavi, Iniesta and Messi playing at the same moment.

Not only that, they are also playing at the peak of their powers. At the same club and have been together for so long. This makes it very difficult for other teams to break their team chemistry. Many commentators have joked about how Xavi and Iniesta can find each other with a perfect pass on a football field even with the lights turned off.

Zidane also says that despite what the media says, Real Madrid have a very good youth systemandhavealwayspreferred developing youth players and that is evident by the fact that there are many players that are playing in La Liga who have come from Real Madrid youth system.

I think Zidane is correct in his view that Barcelona are dominating because the core of their team has been together for so long. They know how to handle tough situations as a team. They sacrifice a lot for each other and that makes a huge difference.Compare