I can say. But at Madrid they know I’m prepared to do whatever it takes to play there.”

At City they are very intelligent. They have a lot of strikers and due to circumstances, they don’t want me.

“Why wouldn’t they facilitate my departure? I don’t think there will be any problems in the end.”

“[Neymar and Aguero] They are very good players, but I am going to wait until the end. I have a wonderful relationship with them [Madrid team-mates].”

“With Mourinho I learned a lot,” he said. ‘Mou’ is the best coach I have ever had. To give you an idea, I have worked with Wenger, Mancini, Deschamps, but Mourinho is different.

“He is a father to all of us. He trains us and takes care of us off the field. Very few coaches care about your personal life. As well as being the best coach,heis a friendyoucan go to if you have a problem.”

I seriously have no idea what is he talking about. All I know is that Real Madrid wanted a quick fix to the striker problem Mourinho had and the best option was Adebayor, not because he was the best but because he was the only one available.

Though Mourinho likes big physical forwards, I do not think he would be inclined to keep Adebayor. The thing is, Adebayor is never consistent throughout the length of the match let alone a whole season or 6 months. His level varies a lot and at a club like Real Madrid that is certainly not acceptable.

Sometimes he does things that you would not associate with him, good things that is, but sometimes he does things which makes you think something along the lines of ” That is exactly why he got kicked out of Arsenal and now Manchester City”.

He is not a big match player as he does not have the skill to be. All he has is his gifted physique which he can use in any situation to gain an advantage over any other player or two players even. That is the only positive I see when someone talks about Real Madrid signing Adebayor.

Whatever the case is, I think Adebayor should not count on getting signed by Real Madrid. Real Madrid are after players like Aguero and Neymar, both of which are more talented than Adebayor and both are much much younger. Both are more expensive too. But the one thing Adebayor gives and perhaps no other forward in the world gives, is infinite strength.

Almost no one can knock him off the ball. He works like a feline. Chases down defenders and pressurizes them a lot. I think if Manchester City can let go of Adebayor for anything less than 10 or 15 million euros, Real Madrid could be in the hunt.