Real Madrid attacker Adebayor

Adebayor loves Real Madrid (Photo By Jan Solo)

Have a look at this interview given by Adebayor. Sounds like a love story more than anything else. In summary, Adebayor says that he will do anything to stay at Real Madrid because this is the city he loves and Mourinho is a caring friend not just a coach. This is the interview:

I am waiting. I am clear about what I want. The only thing I have in my head is playing for Real Madrid,” Adebayor told Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

“We have to wait. I’m clear that I want to play for Real Madrid and I will wait until the last day. I am not going to sign for any club until August 31. I will wait for them until the very last day, until 11:00 at night. If by then, Madrid have decided not to buy me, then I will look for another team.

“Mourinho told me he would do whatever he could for me to return. We had a good relationship and I believe he was happy with me. I believe I’m an option [for Madrid]. I honestly think I left a good taste in the mouth there. I arrived for six months and I gave everything for that white shirt. I integrated quickly, I played and I scored goals. I fulfilled in my work, although I have more to give.”
“I believe I did well, but I’m a much better footballer than I showed,” Adebayor added. “It’s not easy to adapt to such a big club as Real Madrid in such a short time and that took its toll. If I had a second opportunity I am sure I would do much better, because I know the club from within, the city, my team-mates…

“It’s everything to me [Madrid]. When I signed for Real Madrid I knew it was a big club, but only when you’reinsidedoyourealise the magnitude of this team. Madrid is amazing, a dream. There can’t be anything greater in the life of a player. I fell in love with the club and its people as soon as I arrived and that’s why I want to carry on forming part of this family.

“It’s a special club and everybody opened their arms to me from the first day. The fans and my team-mates treated me wonderfully since the day I arrived and that warmth has made a madridista. Whatever happens, Real Madrid will always be in my heart.”

“It bothers me to think I may never put on a Real Madrid shirt again,” he said. “Madrid is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. The six months I spent there were wonderful and my professional life would make no sense without Madrid.

“At Madrid they know exactly what I think and what I want but it’snotonlyinmyhandsandthere’slittlemore