(Photo By Panarmenian)

If there was not enough controversy about Real Madrid amongst players. Platini has come out and said that he respects the current Real Madrid coach (Jose Mourinho) but thinks that Mourinho talked non sense after the game against Barcelona last season in the semi finals of the Champions League.

Platini says that no club receives any kind of special treatment from UEFA or any other sports governing body. We all saw how furious Mourinho was after Barcelona beat Real Madrid 0-2 at Bernabeu thanks to a crazy decision made by the referee which turned the game on its head.

Pepe was sent off for a relatively soft foul and from there it was an uphill task for Real Madrid. Platini however says that he has got nothing to do with the matter and the UEFA committees are looking into the matter which would then punish Mourinho to whateverdegreehedeserves.

Platinialso denied the claim made by some that referees tend to favor bigger clubs and things like that but praised Spain for providing the world with football spectacles. Spain and Barcelona have lit up tournaments on their own with their fluid and entertaining brand of football.

Among other news, reports now say that Real Madrid are not willing to pay a single penny more than 15 million euros and a player for Fabio Coentrao of Benfica. The deal has