coach’s orders is just suicide.

Drenthe is another player which the media is counting on to leave Real Madrid this summer. Reports have emerged that Drenthe would be interested in a move to Benfica and the club is ready to sell him. Drenthe has not been able to get first team football but that is his own fault.

He is so shit. I mean, his technique is disgusting to say the least. I am hopeful that Real Madrid will finally be able to get rid of him. God bless the club who buys this shit player. I mean, what the heck,theguyisa professional. How can he possibly have such a bad technique.

In other news, some former Real Madrid players are bad wording Real Madrid. Guti has said that Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo is no good when it comes to big matches. I agree with that but I think it is unfair to him. The system under which he plays in big matches is almost always a defensive one. So it is unfair to compare him to Messi when it comes to big matches.

Talking about Messi. Messi has now said that he would never play for Real Madrid no matter what. He would go back to Argentina once he is finished with Barcelona but he will never consider joining Real Madrid even if it is the only club who offers him European football.

Former Real Madrid coach Jose Antonia Camacho has said that Real Madrid need time to catch up Barcelona and they should take it step by step to break Barcelona’s dominance in world football. Well, he has not told me anything that I did not know before so, nothing special really. I don’t even know why this was made into a news really.

That is it for now. HALA MADRID!!!