do get Maicon, Ramos will simply move to the center. Why center?

Because very soon we will be losing some options from our defense. Galatasaray are said to be interested in Garay.

Garay arrived at Real Madrid in 2008 and has not been a regular. Now that Real Madrid have signed Raphael Varane, Garay’s chances will be even more limited. So he has to find a new club.

Sevilla are also said to be interested in Garay. I thoughtRealMadridwantedto use in Coentrao’s deal but now it looks like they are going to sell him. He was a bit slow so I am not too disappointed to see him go. Raul Albiol is another player I think Real Madrid can make without. He is not a world class player either.

Talking about world class. One player that is certainly world class is Benzema and he also has said that he does not intend to leave Real Madrid. He did say that the season did not start perfectly for him but he remained patient and worked hard.

Because of that, he scored 26 goals last season which is a lot considering Benzema was having a really rough time in Spain. Benzema also said that now he is looking forward to next season and expects to score lots of goals. Benzema also says that his biggest weapon is his ability to never give up. Sounds like he like Rafael Nadal a lot who by the way just beat Del Potro in Round of 16 at Wimbledon 2011.