Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos

Is he going to leave (Photo By Jan Solo)

We all know what the summer is all about. It is about which player is leaving Real Madrid and which player is arriving at Real Madrid. That basically includes all the top players in Europe. Either someone is leaving or rumored to be arriving at Real Madrid all the time in summers.

Now first up is Sergio Ramos. Reports had it that his agent has said that Sergio Ramos deserves better treatment from Real Madrid and his agent also did not rule out the possibility of the player leaving Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos has been quick to quash this ridiculous rumor and has said that he is happy at Real Madrid.

Isn’t everyone happy at Real Madrid. What more could Ramos want? He has been a regular since his arrival at Real Madrid which is no easy feat, ask Kaka if you do not believe me (and I do nothavehisnumberby the way). Ramos now says that he will take this matter to the court and will talk with his lawyers.

Ramos does take these things seriously. There had been a rumor that Ramos has now grown tired of not getting a new deal at Real Madrid and is considering his options. He has been linked to a number of clubs and it is thought that Mourinho wants to bring Maicon to Real Madrid and hence sees Ramos as surplus to requirements. This obviously shouldnotbetakenseriously.