If Gago was in Real Madrid’s plans before, then he surely will not be now. Gago seems intent on leaving and he is trying his desperate best not only by performing poorly on the pitch but also performing poorly in the media.

Gago just said in an interview that he thinks Barcelona are the best club in the world and are superior to Real Madrid. Gago is all set to leave Real Madrid because he has been unable to form a consistent starting spot for himself at Real Madrid. Reasons for his failure to do so are many, like injuries and him feeling lonely in Spain.

Gago recently said that he does not want to think about his future. He insisted that he would talk to Mourinho first as Mourinho will decide if Gago stays at or goes from Real Madrid. Well, after this statement, I do not think Perez would want Mourinho to signal ok for Gago.

Gago should have been a little more careful about his words. He is on two faults here. First, Barcelonaarenotthebest club in the world right now and second they are nowhere near the best club in history. That honor belongs to no one. In any case. Praising your arch rivals over your own team is bad for the club and bad for the players inside the club.

Gago must be sold now. There is no way fans or his teammates would accept him now. Why would he do such a thing. I defended him in the past but now I cannot. I think he should leave.

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