Future Real Madrid player Neymar

(Photo by Jikartu)

If Neymar was having any problems deciding where to go (assuming many elite clubs are hot on his trail) then Pele has stepped in to voice his opinion on where Neymar should play next.

Surprisingly, that place is not any place other than Real Madrid. Pele thinks that the game in Spain suits Neymar the best and his chances of succeeding would be the greatest in Spain or Italy. But Pele does not know for sure if Santos will allow Neymar to leave so early and hence there can be a delay in his to-be high profile move to Europe.

Real Madrid are now in pole position to sign Neymar.Adealbelievedto be between 30 to 40 million is being quoted but I think there is plenty of margin in that. Neymar, is 19 and has no experience of European football which is quite fast and always gives some problems to Brazillian dribblers. Robinho (another player similar to Neymar) had to adjust a lot in order to be effective in Europe.