Ronaldo of Real Madrid

Ronaldo with his speed can do anything (Photo by Jan Solo)

Barcelona may have won everything last year, and the year before that…. and if my memory serves me correctly, the year before that as well. And before that 2, no, wait, that was when Real Madrid won the league, so not so long ago Barcelona were not this much dominant force in the world of football.

Regardless of that, Ronaldo says that Real Madrid can shoot arrows at Barcelona which will bring them from their place in heaven right now, down to middle earth. This is where everybody should belong right? The reason for that, Ronaldo believes, is because Real Madrid will be stronger than ever.

All the players now have had plenty of time to gel in and understand each othersplaysandtrustme, that matters a lot especially in big games in big cups. Not everyone, is like Lionel Messi, he can just make you work like a unit, he is just so gifted at these things. This is another area where I think Messi is a level above the rest including Ronaldo.

Ronaldo though is a leader on the pitch, but he does not have the game to bring everyone into the game. He can just arouse a sense of fight