willeffectivelyshiftto4-5-1duringplayswhere Real Madrid do not have the possession of the ball.

I think 4-3-3 ensures that Ronaldo, Oezil and Di Maria get their chance along with some power minutes from Kaka, Higuain and Benzema. I think this formation is at least better than the one we had last year which was more like 4-2-3-1.

Against Barcelona, I think Pepe would move into DM position and Real Madrid will play with 4-3-3. Coentrao (assuming he arrives at Real Madrid) will move on the right with Marcelo on the left. Ramos and Carvalho in the center of defense. Alonso and Khedira to partner Pepe in the midfield. Ronaldo,HiguainandDiMaria as the 3 forwards.

I think all three of these forwards can run a lot and track back to help the defense a lot which matters most in big European Cup games.

This 4-3-3 will also see Real Madrid scoring more goals. This will get attacking players all playing with confidence and hopefully everybody will be able to add to the goal tally of Real Madrid. The attacking game is something that has been missing for the past 3 seasons at Real Madrid.

I think this formation will encourage the forwards to try for more and will make them feel better knowing that there are actually 3 people playing upfront instead of 2 or just 1. Real Madrid will create lots of chances with this formation as we have two of the quickest players on the planet on our wings. Ronaldo and Di Maria.

This formation may also put an end to the claim that Mourinho always plays anti football and never tries to play football. Of course against Barcelona, Mourinho would definitely go back to his favorite formation of midfield destruction with lots of closing down and fouls. Against other teams, I think Real Madrid will be more fluid and more attacking.

What do you guys think? Do you like this new 4-3-3 formation assuming Mourinho will switch to it come the new season?