Mourinho of Real Madrid

Mourinho happy to switch (photo by paulbence)

Reports say that Mourinho is going back to his 4-3-3 formation and boy do I love this formation or what. This is the same formation I play my Real Madrid team in FIFA 11. I have got Casillas as the goal keeper (kind of obvious). Then I have got Ramos,Pepe,Carvalho and Marcelo as my back four. These 5 are probably what Jose Mourinho is going to play if he does indeed employ the 4-3-3 formation.

Then I always have Khedira,Alonso and Oezil in my midfield. Jose Mourinho is never going to use this formation in my opinion. Because in real life this formation would suck. Oezil in the middle of the park is useless or pretty much useless. I think Mourinho is going to go for Khedira,Alonso and Sahin (as I have changed my view on Sahin, another post about why).

The front 3. I always play with Ronaldo,Benzema and Kaka. This is also a formation I think Jose Mourinho is never going to use. He will have Maria and Ronaldo on the wings with Benzema or Higuain at the top of the tree. The problem is, unlike in my case, Kaka does not have a place in Mourinho’s probable line up.

There has been a 30 million euro bid fromInterMilanforKaka but reports say that Real Madrid have rejected that and rightly so, as Real Madrid payed 68 million euros of Kaka just two years ago. I think Mourinho does not need him but I hope he does find a place for this great midfielder as I think in games where Ronaldo is injured or needs rest, Kaka is more or less equivalent substitute given that Kaka is fully fit and playing with confidence.

I think the 4-3-3 formation will suit this Real Madrid squad really good. Mourinho might use 3 defensive midfielders along with 3 forwards against big team. With people who can run all day long on the wings, Real Madrid