Drenthe of Real Madrid

Drenthe is still a Real Madrid player? who would have thought(Photo by JuanJaen)

The coentrao deal is just not going away. Real Madrid are still being strongly linked with the Portuguese left back and now reports have emerged that Real Madrid are ready to offer up to 25 million euros plus Drenthe to land Coentrao.

I would not mind one bit of losing Drenthe. Heck, I had even forgotten that he was a Real Madrid anymore. It feels like so long when I watched Drenthe play for Real Madrid. One thing is for sure, his time at Real Madrid is done. There is no way he can return to Real Madrid and expect a proper place in the squad let alone in the first team.

RealMadridhavebeentrying very hard to land coentrao for anything less than 30 million euros but Benfica just have not budged over their release clause price of Coentrao. That has seriously prevented the deal from happening. It will happen I think, I think Real Madrid will conjure up some more money for Coentrao.

Why? is another question. Certainly Real Madrid won’t spend 30