Atletico madrid striker Aguero

Is he really good enough? (photo by A Jorgedelprado)

Do Real Madrid really need him? Is he good enough for Real Madrid? Well Maradonna certainly thinks so. He actually says that Madrid should thank the Diego family for providing Madrid (even though the wrong side of Madrid) with a gifted forward.

Even if Real Madrid sign him, then where would he fit in? There is just no room in this Real Madrid squad for any position. Especially in the striking role. We have Higuain and Benzema, two of the best young strikers in the world. What more could you want.

For some reason I think if Real Madrid do end up signing Aguero, it will not bebecauseMourinhowantedhim. I think Mourinho is pretty clear on what he wants and what he does not. In case of Aguero, I think Mourinho knows that he already has two good young strikers who are waiting and itching for their chance.

There is no reason to spend 50 million euros on Aguero. Aguero has said that he wants to leave Atletico Madrid and prefers to stay in