Nuri Sahin, a Real Madrid player

Nuri Sahin wants a starting role

Now a Real Madrid player, Nuri Sahin want a starting place while playing for Real Madrid. Though there is nothing new about that, it will be difficult for him. I am surprised Mourinho has not had a talk about this issue with him yet.

Everyone wants to play for Real Madrid while being a starter and not a bench warmer. Sahin says he knows there will be a lot of competition but says that he will try his best to get a spot in the starting eleven. He also says that, till that happens, he will enjoy working with the new club and new place.

Sahin helped Borussia Dortmund win the league last season even though he was injured most of the time. He also won the league player of the season and that must have impressed Real Madrid. Sahin says that though he wantsastartingroleat Real Madrid, he knows that the squad is already star studded

He said:

“I know the competition is great and much greater in a team like Madrid, but I’m sure i’ll achieve it [a starting place], the Turkey international told AS.

“Yes, it is the largest and most important club in the world, all players want at some point in their careers to get here, and I am very pleased to have the opportunity. I worked very hardfor