7- Carlos Tevez- $21,700,000

8 -Frank Lampard – $20,100,000

You have to question yourself, how in the world did Messi make more money than Ronaldo of Real Madrid.

If you think about it, all that Messi is capable of is playing good football. Nothing else.

I mean, would you buy chicken (because it makes you stronger, lets just assume that for a moment) if you sawMessieatingchickenin an advertisement? No. Messi is small, short and weak. Does not really look like a athlete from any angle.

The only thing that I would buy because of Messi would be football boots, football jersey or football related stuff. Otherwise, I would buy nothing. However, looking at Ronaldo. You would buy everything. You would buy football related stuff, you would by hair shampoos and looking at his physique, you would even buy steroids.

The guy is a walking monster. 6 foot 2 all muscle and gelled hair with oiled skin. You would want to have the pants Ronaldo would wear and what not. So it is kind of surprising to see Messi making more money than Ronaldo as Ronaldo is the dream athlete any brand would want whether it be Pepsi or Head n Shoulders.

What do you guys think? Is Messi really more marketable than Ronaldo?