Real Madrid's Di Maria

Di Maria has been brilliant on the wings (Photo By Jan Solo)

Di Maria wants more money. Oops, I mean Di Maria want a new contract according to sources. Di Maria was a key player in this Real Madrid line up last season. Even though Real Madrid did not win anything of significance last season, Di Maria proved to be fantastic buy for Real Madrid.

I still remember, I did not like the fact that Jose Mourinho went on to sign Di Maria. Back then a good talent, nothing too special and as Mourinho put it back then, he was a good player in an ordinary league. So to come to La Liga and perform so well under so much pressure, I think the boy deserves something for his efforts.

Maria has been a running machine this past season. His work ethic has been unmatched even by Ronaldo. I think that is why Mourinho likes Maria a lot.Heworksveryvery hard even when he is not playing well.

His current deal runs through june 2016 but he still wants improved conditions because according to reports, he says that Real Madrid promised him an improved deal if he played well in his first season. Di Maria (as usual) is wanted by several top European clubs and Real Madrid would not want to lose him this quickly.

Di Maria says he is settled in Spain and does not plan on leaving but wouldliketo