madebyoneoftheseniordirectorsat Real Madrid who apparently claimed that Barcelona players use performance enhancing drugs last season.

“I can assure you that if someone, in the name of FC Barcelona, had made an accusation of this kind we would have acted with firmness, denying it immediately and taking those responsible to court,” Rosell said.

Now, in respond to that , Real Madrid have released an official statement which had denied all the wrong accusations put forward by the Barcelona president.

The statement says:

Real Madrid C.F. regrets the unfortunate statement made today by the President of F.C. Barcelona, nonetheless understanding said remarks respond to the pressure felt by its Board of Directors coming from a particular sector of the media close the club and demanding a more aggressive attitude towards our entity.

Thegraveandfalseinsinuations in the speech relating to certain reports on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport, that have nothing to do (neither in origin nor fruition) with Real Madrid C.F., are incomprehensible to us, given that everybody knows our club immediately and categorically denied said reports on the media platform they were published in.

It is important to remember that, facing the aforementioned pressure, F.C. Barcelona lodged an astonishing formal complaint against the coach of Real Madrid C.F. at UEFA, something unprecedented in the relations between both clubs.

Despite this unprecedented event and the statement made by the President of F.C. Barcelona, and for the good of football, Real Madrid C.F. will continue to work to have the best relations with F.C. Barcelona, as it always does with every other club from Spain and the rest of world.

Finally, Real Madrid C.F. once more reiterates its commitment to sportsmanship and the values inherent in football, especially those regarding fair play and the unequivocal battle against racism. The club regards these as essential elements in sport that set a valuable example for children around world

I do not know when this rant of Barcelona’s is going to end. They are the Spanish Champions and the European Champions, so it does not befit them to act in such way. Last week it was Pique and now it is Barcelona’s president. It is just getting a bit ugly now. Barcelona should at least let the season start and then make comments like this so that everyone is in full flow to respond to them.

Right now its the off season. Somebody should tell Barcelona that.