Real Madrid's Jose Mourinho

Mourinho's comments were totally justified (photo from flickr)

When is this going to end I wonder. Barcelona are at it again. Don’t know what there problem is after all. What did Real Madrid do this time?. I think even though Barcelona have won the two major trophies this season, in their heart of hearts, Barcelona know that in all fairness it should have been Real Madrid.

It should have been Real Madrid with the La Liga Title and it should have been Real Madrid with the Champions League crown or at least the Champions League final appearance. Otherwise it just does not make any sense as to why Barcelona would show such shameful behavior.

Bad words coming from a players mouth, though ugly, is understandable as sometimes you say things you do not want to say in the heat of the moment. But Barcelona have gone one step further and now their president is maligning Real Madrid’s name.

Sandro Rosell is they president of Barcelona and he gave his views on the acrimonious encounters with Real Madrid last season in the league and in the Champions League and said that Barcelona will cut all ties with Real Madrid if Real Madrid “cross the boundary of sportsmanship ” again.

This is just outrageous. Did not not look at those matches. It was the Barcelona players who were theatrically taking dives and forcing the referee to reduce Real Madrid to ten men, which he did and Barcelona won. Where is the part where Real Madrid did something unsportsmanlike?

Sandro Rosell was pointing to the interview made by Jose Mourinho after Real Madrid lost 0-2 at home to Barcelona in the semi finals oftheChampionsLeague.A match which saw one of the worst refereeing decisions ever made when the referee sent of Pepe for a challenge deserving of a yellow cart at worst.

Rosell said :

“Madrid made accusations and conspiracy claims without any ground. They’ve tried to win off the pitch what they couldn’t win on it. We want to turn the page now, but if Madrid cross the limits of sportsmanship again, we won’t hesitate to break all relations.”

Rosell also then responded to Mourinho’s comments in which he said that Barcelona received special treatment from UEFA and that too in big Champions League games.

The news conference that the Real Madrid coach gave after the Champions League semi-final first-leg at the Bernabeu shamed anyone who considers themselves an athlete,” he said.

He was also really pissed off at the remarks