Ronaldo of Real Madrid

Ronaldo rumors in full flight (Photo by Jan Solo)

The news are filled with Ronaldo rumors of all sorts. From having bad relationship with Casillas to leaving Real Madrid for Manchester City. Amidst all this confusion in the football world, he has also managed to tell Manchester City that he wants around 400000 per week to make a move and in another story, has also told the media that he would like to honor his contract at Real Madrid.

God knows what is really happening. One thing is for sure, these media people who put any kind of news up to sell themselves.

First of all lets just make one thing clear. This is not a Real Madrid move done just to increase the popularity of Ronaldo as compared to Lionel Messi. In fact, for Ronaldo there is no Ronaldo vs Messi at all.

Ronaldo has denied any sort of competition between him and Messi and says that he only plays football to enjoy and to win.

Ronaldo has again reiterated his desire to win titles with Real Madrid and not just individual glory. That is easy for him to say, now that he has all the individual glory.

About the his comparison with Messi and Barcelona he said this:

“I do not compete with Messi, I compete with myself and with all the teams in the league

Messi is a great player who is on a great team that has great players. He is someone I like a lot and can be the best because he has shown it.

“I would prefer to have scored half the goals and won the league or the Champions League. But I’ve felt more comfortable than last year and, individually, this was perhaps my best season.

“They won becausetheywere the best, but no team is unbeatable. Barca have a great team and a good coach, but we’ll get there. We want to beat them and difficult things bringa differentpleasure.”

This really shows that all Ronaldo wants is to win and there is nothing against Barcelona in his mind. Obviously, one is supposed to make bad comments about Barcelona when they get the kind of favors they got in the Champions League semi final 2010-2011 against Real Madrid.

I think it is obvious that given that Real Madrid have exactly the same team as Barcelona then, I think most people would choose Ronaldo over Messi simply because of the variety of football that Ronaldo brings onto the table. But the fact is, that both teams do not have the same players and hence Messi looks to be playing more beautiful football than Ronaldo.

Lets justtryandstayawayfromRonaldovs