“At some points, due to pressure from their clubs, players can give way on certain aspects. Maybe he was taken by the moment to let things go in that direction. So later you mature, you talk to others… and logically, you can later reconsider,” Menezes said

Just hours after this news, Real Madrid responded to Menezes comments of Marcelo’s “fake injury” stating that Marcelo missed Brazil vs Scotland friendly because of an injury and Real Madrid have evidence to show that.

Therefore Real Madrid have quashed any suggestions made by BraziliancoachMenezesthatMarcelo might have faked his injury.

Real Madrid have said that the Brazillian federation attested to Marcelo’s injury and Marcelo actually went through medical tests after returning to Spain which proved that Marcelo was indeed injured and had to be sidelined for 2 weeks. Otherwise, why would Mourinho leave him out of the squad let alone the starting line up from the match against Sporting Gijon on April 2.

And as expected, Real Madrid also showed their disappointment at the comments made by the Brazil coach which questioned Marcelo’s commitment to Brazil National Football Team.

What the Brazil coach Menezes should realize is that, this is happening all the time with Elite clubs now a days. Messi has been given pardon a lot of times for Argentina. Same was the case with Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. So whats the big deal here, heck it was only a friendly, not like the end of the world.

I think Menezes is not wrong to punish Marcelo, I think he is outright dumb and stupid for doing so. The pressure that modern day club football puts on your body is immense and you need time to recuperate and if that means, missing a meaningless friendly then so be it.