Real Madrid's Marcelo

Accused of cheating? (photo by Jan Solo)

Brazil national team coach Menezes has finally told the media that the exclusion of Marcelo from the Copa America is the direct result of Marcelo’s conduct with the Brazil National Football Team.

He has told the media that Marcelo’s poor discipline is the reason why he has left out. The exclusion of Marcelo was the biggest surprise in the Brazillian Squad for the Copa America. Marcelo had a fantastic 2010-2011 season with Real Madrid and really was one of the best, if not the best, left back in the world during last season. Inter’s Maicon, Barcelona’ Alves and Adriano and Galatasaray’s Andre Santos.

Menezes had not spoken to the media about the reason why Marcelo was left out but in an interview now, he has told the reason to be, Marcelo’s injury which Menezes think was a fake one. Marcelo had cited injury problems for not participating in a friendly between Brazil and Scotland some weeks ago and the coach did not like this fact. Menezes is believed be angry at Marcelo for preferring club football over national team football.

In an interviewhesaidthis:

“Forme and every Brazilian, the most important thing in football is the national team. I want all my players to feel exactly that. We went through a period where we tolerated, unofficially, [athletes] refusing call-ups, sending their apologies. If I start to let things like that go at the start of my work, it is not going to finish well,” he told SporTV.

Questioned if the player’s absence had precipitated this decision, Mano replied “basically that, yes.”

The trainer added that the doors were not closed on the player, and that he could prove himselfworthyofacall-upinthefuture.