Real Madrid player Kaka

Kaka's career at Real Madrid has not really taken off (photo by Jan Solo)

How badly have we missed Kaka? No, not the Kaka that we have seen at Real Madrid but Kaka that we all witnessed and enjoyed watching play the beautiful game in a graceful way. The Kaka of AC Milan. In the past two years we have basically missed one of the best players in the world at his position.

The move to Real Madrid should have meant that Kaka would reach new heights as he had achieved everything at Milan and was basically worshiped by the fans of the club. In fact, the president of AC Milan, Berlusconi was it, said that “I have told my son to cut my hands off if I sell Kaka”.

Such was Kaka’s status at AC Milan, but at Real Madrid it has been far from that. The obvious reason for that is, Kaka has been unable to produce the same quality of football which he produced at AC Milan.

You know, the kind of the football which won him the Player Of The Year award 2007. The kind of play which helped AC Milan win the Champions league and thrash Manchester United before leading to the final. Who can forget the two absolute peach of a goals he scored at Old Trafford against Manchester United. I mean, two words for those goals, pure class.

However, Kaka does not have the quick feet and tons of pace he had at AC Milan. He has looked rather like a isolated figure in his two years with Real Madrid. He has not looked himself at all playing for Real Madrid, for whatever reason. The point is that he can no longer claim to be the finest talent in the world at his position because of his disappointing displays for Real Madrid for the past two years. And admit it, we have all missed Kaka’s brilliance.

It has to be said that the biggest reason why Kaka has not been able to replicate his form of AC Milan to Real Madrid are injuries. Injuries have plagued his 2 years at Real Madrid. He had some bad knee problems and after that he had the hernia. So if there was some luck that Kaka needed to jump start his career at Real Madrid from the get go then he did not get that luck.

The price tag of 65 million euros did not help Kaka’s cause and would have put immense pressure on his head to perform well for Real Madrid. For the amount of moneyRealMadridpayedfor Kaka, we could have bought two or three rising stars who would have developed at Real Madrid and would have been stars by now, like Higuain and Marcelo.

Anyway that did not happen. Kaka could not handle the pressure like Ronaldo did. Ronaldo made Real Madrid his own with his prolific striking rate. It was just plain old scary watching Ronaldo play for Real Madrid. Goals after Goals, solo runs after solo runs, it was all too common to see from Real Madrid’s Ronaldo.

Kaka on the other hand had to fight really hard in order to prove that he was still the Kaka of AC Milan but I think it is safe to agree that he could not convince anyone.

Ronaldo has overtaken him in more than one way at Real Madrid. Kaka was expected to produce the kind of performances which would have had us make comparisons between the poise and grace of Kaka with the raw power and pace of Ronaldo. Ronaldo basically won everything and Kaka won nothing.

Ronaldo dominated everybody at Real Madrid, both in terms of individual performances and the respect of his teammates. I think what Ronaldo has done (having the pressure of being the most expensive player intheworld)isjustunimaginable.