Real Madrid's Ronaldo

Casillas has mixed feelings about Ronaldo (photo by Jan Solo)

Casillas is getting a bit philosophical here. I think he should definitely audition for gossip girls when he hangs up his boots for Real Madrid.

What does he mean by saying that Ronaldo is his friend, his enemy and his teammate, all at the same time. Ok, he explains by saying that he argues with him a lot on the field but this sort of a thing should not have been said in the media.

If I can recall correctly, there was a report of a rift between the two, earlier in the season. Although both have denied such thing during the season but Casillas is now opening up a bit more now that the season is over.

Even though both have denied any animosity between them and even were photographed together in a social club but Casillas says that the relationship between the two have not been too harmonious in the past.

But Casillas also had some complements to make about Ronaldo, oops sorry, not Ronaldo but of Ronaldo’s performances. I don’t know about you but something feels just not right over here.

Casillas says:

“He’s a friend and a team-mate. A team-mate and a friend. But he’s also an enemy, because we argue a lot.”

When hecomparedRonaldotoHugo Sanchez, he said something like ( I say something like, as there could be translation errors):

“I never played with Hugo and I did not see him play much,” the goalkeeper said.

“I will stick with what I know and that’s Cristiano. It’s not by chance that he scored 40 in a season. And he has done it before so he must be good.”

Just have a look at Casillas’s artistry in avoiding praising Ronaldo directly. He says, the goals show that Ronaldo is good, so he must be good.

I don’t know but the choice of words he chose for Ronaldo and the choice of words he chose for Messi, indicates that he hold Messi inahigherregard.ButthenagainI