Real Madrid midfielder Oezil

Mesut Oezil wants Aguero(photo by 2e14)

If anyone of you thought that the Aguero transfer saga was over then think again. Just because there is a pact between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid not to sign each other’s players, does not mean that Real Madrid will not try to lure Aguero to Real Madrid.

I do not see much sense in the move as that would definitely signal the end of either Benzema or Higuain at Real Madrid and both would be huge loses to Real Madrid. I think, not signing Aguero for that amount of money would be the sensible option. Benzema and Higuain are starting to settle in this Real Madrid system and the last thing we need is another new player even though that new player is Aguero who has been playing in La Liga for a long time.

The encouragement to Real Madrid to sign Aguero was given by Aguero himself, whosaidthathepreferred to stay in La Liga rather than move abroad. If Real Madrid meet the asking price of 45 million euroes, then there would be no reason for Aguero to reject that offer. Word has it that if the deal goes through than he would sign a 5 year deal.

Oezil has said that Aguero would get the number 10 jersey should he sign for Real Madrid this summer. What does this suggest?

Does he want Aguero to come to Real Madrid or does he want Lassana DiarratoleaveRealMadrid.Ifyoudid