Logo of Italian club Juventus

(photo by mitsurinho)

Melo has been making some stunning statements this week. So after (one week ago) talking about his club teammates as having not enough quality to play for a club as big as Juventus, Melo has now said that he wants to be at Real Madrid.

Well, name me a player who does not want to be at Real Madrid. Even Barcelona players want to be at Real Madrid. Ok not all of them.

But Melo has also said that he is going to have to wait for his ambition to bear fruition. He did not exactly know that Real Madrid were interested in him (neither was I aware) but he says that he would love to play for Jose Mourinho. I don’t get it. Why is Mourinho concentrating towards signing big defensive players this season.

I think Lass and Gago should really start hunting for new clubs because at this rate of signing defensive players , they have no future at Real Madrid.

People have questioned his loyalty to Juventus after his recent interviews. I mean he had a good last season for Juventus but still is not pleased with his club. Many Juventus fans want him out.

But let me tell you. If anyone of you is thinking about a Benzema Melo swap, thenthatisjustcrazy. Some Juventus fans are exactly looking for this deal and I think Jose Mourinho might pay a little attention to it. Seriously, we cannot just keep on giving our best players to other clubs this cheap.

Benzema is far more expensive than Melo and I am not counting the fact that we already have Khedira and Lass for that position. Is Mourinho thinking about forming an anti Barcelona only team. Like one reader commented, our Real Madrid could look like this:

Iker, Adan; Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos,Carvalho, Marcelo; Altintop, Khedira, Melo, Pepe, Xabi Alonso. 2 GKs, 4 defenders, and 5 DMs. Just to makesureBarcelonadonotscoreagainstus