someoneof his speed, brilliance and experience.

Kaka did look in a positive mood and hence he talked about how much he wanted to play for Brazil in the next world cup edition which will be held in Brazil of course.

I think if this new revolution of Brazil continues then they would lose weight fear factor. I think with the likes of Kaka, Ronaldinho and Marcelo not being regulars, I think Brazil are not doing themselves any good.

I thinkBrazilaretryingto adapt the European style of play and this would mean that the once Joga Bonito Brazil is going to lose weight unique style and flare. They definitely need to bring in quality players who play quality stuff on the ball and not just run of the mill kind of players who run like hogs all day long.

I think what most people and Brazil should remember is that, they won 5 world cups because of playing attacking football. By playing aggressive football they were able to win so much and dominate the game so much. With these defensive players coming to the team, I think they are losing their touch on the ball. In all seriousness, where the heck does Fred come from.

Marcelo’s season with Real Madrid was unbelievable and still Andres Santos gets the nod infront of Marcelo, that is just insane.

Well, lets see how Menezes Brazil does in Copa America.