Real Madrid playmaker Kaka

Kaka gets excluded from Copa America (Photo By Jan Solo)

“Honestly, I’m not surprised to not be included in the squad. I believe that at present, there are other players in better shape than I am,” the attacker told Brazilian TV channel Band.

“Playing with Ganso, Lucas and Neymar will be like reconnecting with my friends…I hope this happens soon. Mano Menezes has talked to me twice and he left the door open. I spoke to him back in May and I hope to return soon,” he added.

“The World Cup is the biggest event there is. To play in the [World] Cup at home is fantastic. I think we’re a little late but it will happen, the stadiums will be happy. It will be a wonderful event in the country.”

Now this is really a first timer for me. A great players, admitting thathewas justnotgood enough to play for some team instead of saying something bad about the coach. Most players would say something along the lines, like I need to keep working hard and leave the rest and not think about the situation more than I have to.

But look at Kaka, such a humble lad he is. I tell you what, this new Brazil Menezes has made a bit of mistake by not including Kaka in his squad and I think this time, Brazil might miss