criticized UEFA of favouring Barcelona. He said he does not know why referees are always favoring and why it has rarely been the other way around.

He pointed to the possibility of UEFA having a soft corner for Barcelona or maybe UNICEFs sponsorship with Barcelona had anything to do with the way Barcelona were treated differently with respect to other clubs.

Mourinho previously had called for more values to be upheld by the footballing authorities and punish cheat players likethatofBarcelona’swho try to get other people sent off just because Barcelona players cannot compete with their opponents physically.

Real Madrid had previously stated that they were waiting for UEFA to explain the reasons for Jose Mourinho’s suspension of 6 games. Now Real Madrid have decided to appeal after they were given reasons by UEFA.

Real Madrid’s honorary president Al Di Stefano has backed Jose Mourinho and has told the media that Mourinho only wants what is best for Real Madrid. He has praised Barcelona for the brand of football they play and has also given high status to Messi who Di Stefano regards as a player who has immense individual talent and yet plays for the team.

This is what Alfredo Di Stefano said to Onda Cera:

“Mourinho works very hard for the club and always defends Real Madrid. He only wants what’s in the club’s best interests and that is a good thing. Things have been pretty positive overall.

“We now have to fit all the pieces of the puzzle to help the new signings integrate and create a good team.”