Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho's aggressiveness is great for the game(Photo By Ronnie Macdonald)

Anyone remember this dude De La Red. Yup, he is the one who fainted during a match playing for Real Madrid and ended up being the coach of Real Madrid youth club at age 26 I think because he has some kind of a heart condition that makes him ineligible to play any professional football.

Anyway, I think this is his cheap way of getting some media attention that would hopefully pay him something. Ruben has criticized Mourinho’s approach to the media and says that Mourinho should focus more on football and less on the talk. He also says that it does not befit a person of his position to speak against referees so much.

Well, can we really blame Mourinho for all of this? I think all Real Madrid people are behind him including the fans and most of us think that he was right to point out everything bad that happened to Real Madrid this season because of the unfair behavior ofrefereesagainstRealMadrid.

De La Red also thinks that the coach should not talk about these issues. Only the people who are watching the game from outside should talk about it. That makes no sense.

Good news for Mourinho, as Real Madrid have confirmed that they will appeal against the decision of UEFA to ban Jose Mourinho after he made a rant (a justified one) after the semi final exit against Barcelona.

Uefa Control and Disciplinary Body had banned Jose Mourinho for his reactions to the media after the Champions LeaguesemifinalgameagainstBarcelona.Mourinhohad