againstCasillas? I think it comes to about 10 or 11 which is alot.

I don’t recall Valdes having anything nice to say about our boy Ronaldo. I think Barcelona players should learn something from Real Madrid players and that is some good manners. I admit Barcelona are on a hot streak of winning big right now but that does not mean that they can take liberties with etiquettes and besides, footballisagameafter all.

Here is what Casillas said:

“Facing a player like Messi makes a goalkeeper uneasy because he is very talented,”

It is nevertheless always a pleasure to play against him. I’d rather have any player 10 metres away than at only a five metre distance because it is easier to save their shots.”

“When I wasn’t a starter in many games in 2002 I relied on my strength.

“Mental strength is the most important thing a goalkeeper, or any kind of footballer, must have. You gain a lot of ground if you have that.”

“I have magnificent memories of winning the World Cup because Spain suffered for many years and deserved something like it.

“The joy, satisfaction and pride one feels lifting the trophy are incredible. I get goosebumps whenever I see those images.”