Casillas of Real Madrid

(Photo by slim ficky)

Casillas has now come up and said a thing or two about Barcelona but unlike Barcelona players, he has not criticized Barcelona given that the season is over and it is time to relax.

Casillas has said that he does feel uneasy playing against Lionel Messi. Obviously because Messi is super talented and places his shots very cleverly. Not to mention the help he gets from Villa who most of the time blocks the goalkeepers vision and then Messi shoots from either side of Villa thus the keeper is left stranded on most occasions.

Casillas faced Messi five times last season in which he came on top just once. Real Madrid won Copa Del Ray and Barcelona won pretty much everything else. Casillasispureclassthere. He is now the veteran at Real Madrid and that is how Real Madrid players should behave.

A lot of newcomers (both Real Madrid and Barcelona players) cannot handle the pressure of El Clasico’s and hence end up saying bad things about each other that does not befit the high status of both the clubs.

Casillas is also right about facing Messi. How many goals Messi has scored